Sometimes if you have asked yourself what is the rule of food combining, then you have probably heard a lot of different answers. Among all of them, there is always one constant answer – as simple as it is, as the healthier it is.

But, this does not mean that you should not combine any food. On the other hand the right way of food combination can contribute a lot. These are a few combinations that if you practice them two times a week, your health will get improved drastically.

Notice that the examples are low calorie and can be applied in almost every single diet.

Apple and dark chocolate

Apples are rich in quercetin, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that is essential for the heart function.

The dark chocolate consists anti-oxidants called flavonoids, and this combination of delicious snack improves the circulation and the whole heart health.

Banana and yoghurt

This combination produces glucose for muscle improvement and amino-acids.

It is also very useful and recommended to be taken after a training and an activity with which the muscle fibers are thorn and the body loses energy.

This combination is recommended to be consummated because it provides energy, accelerates the muscles rest and at the same time is strengthening the muscles cells and structure.

Green tea and lemon

Adding a lemon juice in the green tea provides strong improvements of the DNA in the human body.

This makes the tea five times stronger and its effect on the weight reducing.

Peppers and artichoke

This food combination is rich in iron and vitamin C.

Tomatoes and avocado

The saturated fats in the avocado increase the influence of the anti-cancer ingredients in the tomatoes making them four times stronger.