One of the popular treatments for cellulite is VelaShape by Vela. A cellulite is often referred to as dimples or lumps on the skin caused by fatty deposits underneath the skin (subcutaneous tissue). According to statistics, over 85% of women above the age of 18 have some cellulite on their skin which makes them embarrassed or uncomfortable to expose their skin. This has led them to seeking different alternatives to get rid of the problem. VelaShape is one of the common techniques and comes with the following interesting facts:

VelaShape is the newest addition to the Vela group of products which also include another product known as the Vela Smooth. The original product was first launched into the market in 2005 focusing mainly on the UK market. The company behind the product, Syneron Medical Ltd combined several techniques so as to come up with an effective treatment for reducing cellulite from the body.

Just like its sister product – Velasmooth, VelaShape is also powered by patented technology known as electro-optical synergy. The Syneron technology combines several technologies which include dual (bi-polar electrodes) RF, laser light energy pulsed vacuum (suction) and tissue mobilization. The combined energy of all these techniques is delivered via the hand piece which is used to get rid of cellulite.

VelaShape is the first medical device that has been clinically proven to penetrate deep inside the skin and get rid of cellulite and fatty deposits, and also contour the body without using invasive/surgical procedures. VelaShape has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for being effective in the reduction of the skin dimples or cellulite.

What many people don’t know is that this cellulite removing tool is based on the same technology that was used on the initial product as well as other products from the manufacturer that came later. However, one thing that makes VelaShape unique is its way of working. According to statistics it is more effective and works faster than other products in similar category. Velasmooth is rated at 20W while VelaShape is 50W.

Besides reducing cellulite, VelaShape is also effective for enhancing body contours, smoothen skin, reducing the circumference of the abdomen and thighs, fat reduction, and also enhancing skin appearance. The many benefits are achieved because the technique is non-invasive (non-surgical) hence doesn’t require surgery or opening up the body. This ensures that no scarring is left on the skin after the treatment. Due to this many people looking to enhance their aesthetic image are turning to it.

An interest fact about this cellulite removing tool is that it is considered an outpatient treatment and can therefore be treatment at the physician’s/ doctor’s office. The procedure doesn’t involve any incisions or surgery and has zero downtime. A patient simply needs to walk in and have the procedure performed. However, due to high demand people are always encouraged to make an appointment.

There are two types of VelaShape hand pieces. The large-sized applicator is mainly used to remove cellulite or reduce the circumference in the larger areas such as abdomen, buttocks, waist line (love handles), and thighs. The smaller sized applicator is suited for smaller regions or areas where the space is limited or hard to reach. These include hands, arms, between joints and other areas.

Many people turn to VelaShape because it is completely painless and safe. In fact, a person will experience the same feeling as if receiving a massage. This is credited to the fact that it is non-invasive and that it only requires a few minutes. It may take as little as 4 sessions for a patient to see positive results. Also, the circumference of thighs can be reduced by as much as 4 centimeters.

Generally, VelaShape is suitable for: reducing the circumference of abdomen and thighs, removing cellulite from different body parts, reshaping or re-contouring the body, fat reduction, can be combined with liposuction, is also suitable for pregnant women, helps in restoring skin texture, and tightening the skin. Other related benefits include: improving blood circulation, reducing pain in the muscles, eliminating pain in the joint, enhancing body tissues, and boosting self-confidence and image.

The cellulite reduction tool is considered quite safe considering that electric and light energy has been utilized for years for surgical, medical, as well as aesthetical purposes. However, few cases of side effects such as skin reddening, slight bruising or swelling, urine increase have been noted. Nonetheless, these symptoms always disappear after a few days.

The above are some of the aspects that make VelaShape not only popular and effective among the Vela products but interesting as well. Anyone looking to get rid of cellulite, body fat, contour the body, or enhance her image will find VelaShape effective.