Future of Bongs Will Be Glycerin for Vaping

While smoking, people will like to get most out of their sessions and nobody wants to deal with any coughing or choked up experience.

If you have already tried all kind of percolators available, and still find that the combination is not working well then you must consider about picking up water bong, which also includes glycerin coil in it.

If you do not know already that glycerin is not an ingredient, which is found in lotion as well as body wash only, but also used for completely revitalizing your “chill” session.

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Read this article to know how glycerin coil bongs can offer you much more pleasant smoking experience.

What is glycerin?

We all know glycerin as a natural ingredient present in our lotions, cosmetics and body washes. In the world of science, people use the term “glycerol.” for glycerin. It is a kind of liquid, which occurs naturally and can always be found in many different varieties of products.

People are more familiar with the application of glycerin for its property to inhibit the formation and growth of ice as it has potent anti-freezing properties. Also, it is found in the vaping liquids, which boast strong and robust clouds.

Glycerin coils in the bongs

Those who are very passionate users of bong understand the effects of ice on their draw. Quite a few of them even equip themselves with ice catchers for accommodating this practice.

However, what few people may not be aware is that glycerin can be much more convenient and effective way of smoothing your smoking experience. Your bong will not wind up and overflow with excess water coming out from quickly melting ice.

There are few other techniques too like adding catchers, ice, cold water, etc. but glycerin coil will be the most innovative and effective way of keeping your smoke smooth, cool and pleasant.

Glycerin is considered to be the latest way of upgrading bongs having various cooling features. Also, it is possible to buy a bong having a removable type of glycerin coil installed, which is like big sprinkler. There is also an option available with you to add certain glycerin adaptor in your present bong of choice that you are using.

It is also possible to store glycerin coils in the freezers for keeping them frosty and nice in between the uses. However, avoid making mistake to store your whole bong there. Never ever try to store your bong in the freezer, particularly if it is glass.

Glass cannot survive freezing temperatures and there is every chance that it will break. Even though adding ice to bong is much simpler practice, however glycerin coils are generally considered to be more elite and modern way of keeping your smoke smooth and cool.

It can remain efficient and cool for much longer time than the ice. Also, you will not need to   dump out excess amount of bong water after smoke will melt the ice.