Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of CPAP Machine Increases Its Life

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disability that can occur to anyone. Anyone with a narrow airway will snore or have stages of sleep at night time. People undergo sleep apnoea when their muscles at the back of their throat relax. When it collapses, the airway narrows while breathing. It brings uneasiness and drops the oxygen level, resulting in snoring and disrupted nights.

Generally, people blame their weight for any kind of disease. It is true at some point, but sleep apnea doesn’t happen only because of obesity. Some people have it by birth, through family history, or genetically. It is common to see among males or with age, the problem increases. Tonsil problem is also one of the reasons as well as those who consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke is also prone to sleep apnea.

There are various symptoms of sleep apnea –

  • Loud snoring or gasping for breath
  • Phases of sleep
  • Fatigue or tiredness even though slept the entire night

There are different modes of treatments, which include lifestyle changes, exercises, physical workouts, diet plans, and the use of CPAP machines. CPAP machine helps in adjusting the air pressure and delivers air through mask and pipe into the nose and mouth directly. There are different types of CPAP machines obtainable in the market, and every brand has its specification. However, you should buy the machine from a trusted source.

Bloom the Chemist is a known chain of pharmacies that operates all over Australia. They’ve 100 stores with 2000 staff working together to help the community. They partnered with Make A Wish to achieve the wishes of kids who’re suffering from severe diseases. They have CPAP machine from different brands which are sold in bundle deals. Apart from that, they also provide other health services that help in monitoring your body and control any ailment at the right time.

CPAP machine is an electronic device that also needs regular maintenance. If ignored it can damage easily and can make you ill. Yes, improper function of CPAP machine and carelessness in maintenance and cleanliness can also make you sick.

You can have a disease like –

  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma problem
  • Respiratory infection

The finest way to evade infection is by keeping the machine, mask, and hose, clean, and sanitized. Frequent replacement of part also helps in keeping the machine in good condition. Here are a few symptoms that indicate that your machine and its parts need replacement or cleaning –

  • Foul smell in your mask or tube
  • Skin rashes or irritation while using a machine or wearing a mask
  • Sneezing, sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, sinus or respiratory infection during CPAP therapy
  • All these infections repeat after every use of machine

It only happens when you don’t clean your machine and its arts frequently. With a change in weather and a moist environment, often bacteria and mold grow inside the parts.

Humidifier delivers air pressure. Water droplets settle on pipe after continuous use. If it isn’t cleaned or dried, then mold and bacteria are likely to grow. It will enter your mouth or nostrils every time you use the CPAP machine. Similarly, the filter inside the machine prevents dirt and foreign particle from entering your mouth and nostrils. Regular cleaning of filters will increase the life of the machine.

To reduce the chances of infection and illness, clean the parts with warm and soapy water. You can also follow instructions in the manual. Also, consult your pharmacist and specialist who can guide you better.