How to Know the Dad of Identical Twins have Similar DNA?

Human body is a wonderful creation, and thus when a mother gives birth to twins, it is an astonishing moment for parents and dear ones. Always all wonder about the scientific explanation behind the birth of twins. There is a question in everyone’s mind – do twins have the same DNA. To know rightly there is Twin DNA testing done in reputed laboratories such as Paternity USA. The tests help to satisfy personal peace of mind, for solving some legal issues and for health reasons of the twins as well.

You are able to know whether they are identical twins or fraternal twins. Moreover, the identical twins DNA tests are more common in health care arena mostly when one twin is experiencing any grave health issue. This is because an identical twin is the most suitable person to donate any tissue of organ to the ill twin sibling.

However, to know more in detail about do identical twins have identical DNA you need to know why and how they do twin DNA testing? You can then decide whether it is applicable to solve your legal or health matters. You can even know whether the twins have common father or not. Yes, it is possible once they both go through the procedure meant to check DNA of twins.

Know more about twin DNA testing:

  • It is a fully known fact that twins are developed from single fertilized zygote. The embryo of the zygote divides in two to form twin children. While they are born from the same egg and of same sperm they are identical in every aspect, thus their DNA is even same. Thus, they are known as identical twins.
  • Fraternal twins are born from different eggs that are fertilized by two different sperms. This feature of fraternal twins doesn’t let them share the same DNA fully. Sometimes, it is even possible that the fraternal twins have different fathers. Yes, as it all depends on the ovulation of eggs during a single menstrual cycle. Thus, there is a possibility of twins having different father DNA even though it is quite rare.
  • Whether the lady is nestling twins in her womb is confirmed by ultra sound examination or even when they examine the placenta. Whether it is fraternal or identical twins can be analyzed.

A normal paternity test can’t say exactly, which identical dad is the father of the child. The identical twins DNA test is a comprehensive test that helps to identify the father among the identical twins with ease.

There is a difference in DNA whenever the embryo cells divide, thus it isn’t easy to identify whether the individuals are fully realized as biologically twins in past decades. At present, it is quite possible for identical twins take DNA test with a prior appointment through online sites like The labs are well equipped with technicians ready to identify the kind of twins, their relationship with their biologically parents all are great answers to cure certain serious health disorders a twin is fighting for a considerable time.