Various Top Applications of Industrial Filtration

In many different industrial fields, industrial filtration is very important. It is generally used for both separating particles and substances out of liquid and also for lengthening the life of the manufacturing equipment.

Right from restaurants, schools to various automotive and also hydroelectric plants, these industrial filters can play a very important role to treat oils, water, and also coolant.

Various coolant recovery and other industrial filtration systems which are offered by Interfil Pty Ltd are very effective. They can help in mechanically eliminating free-floating oil and also suspended solids out of contaminated fluid. We will discuss the importance of industrial filtration in this write up.

  • Reduce waste fluid

All users can get benefit from this ultra-filtration systems because they can provide reduction in quantity of waste fluids to a great extent, help to meet the objective of zero discharge and also help to comply with RCPA and EPA requirements. Also it offers:

  • Consistent performance
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


  • Coolant filtration systems

With good quality of coolant filter, contaminants like solid and free oils are removed from metalworking fluid like semi-synthetic, synthetic or soluble machine coolant.

In a proportional part of coolant filtration system, you can mix water and concentrate together for maintaining system levels and also preventing manual mixing mistakes.

  • Oil/water separator

It may also include an oil/water separator that can remove free oils, dirt from the contaminated fluid and mechanically dispersed oils. For eliminating mechanically free and dispersed oils from coolant, recovery machine is adequately sized for handling volume of sump.

  • Protect equipment

Filtration can protect expensive and complex machineries in industrial manufacturing. When particles are properly not filtered out, they will cause damage to equipment, and ultimately may lead to total system failures.

  • Purification

In order to keep water, pharmaceuticals and chemicals pure, clean and totally free of contaminants, filtration is very important. If there was no filtration, we would have no safe drinking water, as it can play crucial role for eliminating sand, sediment, gravel, carbon or any other suspended particles.

  • Product isolation

Usually, perforated tubes are especially designed with holes for separating particles. As an example, straining pasta, manufacturing and industrial procedures need to isolate various solids, oils, gases, water and few other fluids of their own for keeping their systems functioning correctly.

  • Safety

Also, filtration is able to help for preventing health hazards, cross-contamination, environmental and workplace safety issues. It can also help companies to comply with safety and also quality standards that is set by few agencies like OSHA and EPA.

  • Efficiency

Filtration cam also help in many industrial operations to flow smoothly and efficiently. For example consider oil rigs, while bringing oil up and out of ground, various sand and debris will get mixed within the oil.

By placing perforated tubes right at the source will help to get rid of few of those particles just on its way up, saves time and effort too.

Therefore, it is easy to see why many companies are nowadays choosing to invest in various industrial filtration systems.  Not doing it can always be a very costly mistake.