The Permanent Solution to your Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a pain that actually stings or burns that could cause numbing of the leg or thigh. The pain could be projected on the lower back.

Real relief, however, has been identified; you can find an end to your problem- Spinal Decompression it is.

Surgery is always the last solution, so this therapy is the best alternative.

The process requires a patient to attend various therapy sessions: On the first day, you are required to put on a protective harness that’s comfortable to the pelvis. This usually relaxes the body.

A computer usually controls the whole process. It tightens the harness to bring about the decompression process.

All you have to do is lay back and relax; you can even fall asleep over the process. The decompression is done gradually over the sessions.

Throughout the sessions, you feel the spine lengthening and relaxing, and the decompression causes the discs to relax, thus maintaining a proper circulation of healing fluids into the discs.

The process is all about releasing pressure to the discs, and this enables proper circulation of the liquid, oxygen, and nutrients into the discs. This allows the healing of the discs.

The discs usually retain their natural shape, and this reduces pressure on the pinched nerves, thus relieving the pain.

Besides the spine decompression method, there are other methods that can be used. Some are even at the comfort of your home:

General exercises that improve the strength of your back and core are essential. This helps the body to support itself during stress. The body could be tight and weak, causing your back pain. Avoid challenging exercises that require too much effort, such as running.

Increase the strength of your hip and hamstring. Prolonged inactivity and sitting for long hours bring about a bad posture that stresses the muscle at the end of the spine. Stretches will relieve this muscle over time.

Physical therapy is considered to be the best for the treatment of sciatica. However, that may not work for all, and medical help will be introduced at this point. Narcotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants could be introduced to your medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammation and sciatica symptoms. They also block hormones to reduce pain. Muscle relaxants tend to relax muscles that have caused tightness within the spine, thus relieving the pain.

Injections also tend to reduce the numbness and pain in the lower back.

A visit to the chiropractor can also bring positive change. He or she adjusts the spine in, and there will be an increase in the spinal movement that improves the spine’s function, thus decreasing pain around the area.

Sciatica pain may come from tight muscles at the back; a visit to the massage could sort you out and get you right back on track to the activities of your day.

Most hospitals have facilities for all these: you get to know what is causing the pain, find the best treatment in just one location. Time is up for always calling in sick. Get Assistance!