How To Identify Fake CBD Vape Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active compound extracted from the cannabis plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is another extract responsible for the psychoactive or euphoric effect. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive yet retains multiple benefits similar to THC. CBD oil is easily induced in edibles and vaping oil.

Reported CBD oil potential

CBD oil is used in treating chronic pain and epilepsy. CBD is legal in every state across the US for medical use but in certain states, it can be used for recreational purposes. According to scientific reports, it has the potential to treat arthritis, psoriasis, anxiety, depression, and more.

Is CBD regulated? 

CBD vape oil is legal on a state level but is still not approved by FDA. It is still in its first stage and there is a need to conduct wide lab tests and research. Many CBD manufacturers are operating inside the country but as there is no regulation, there is a need for a way to reveal the safety and credibility of their products.

A third-party certification program has offered the manufacturers and consumers some confidence that best practices and high standards are pursued in preparing CBD oil and products. Just CBD Store is a trustworthy online store that offers customers high-quality CBD products in different forms ranging from vaping to topical and bath bombs. It is the best place to buy CBD gummies California.

How will you identify fake CBD vaping oil?

Vaping popularity is increasing, so some dishonest people want to cash in the profit. Companies are popping up in backyards and garages. Some of them are immorally manufacturing CBD products, which are risky to your health.

You will hardly be able to identify the fake from the real but here are some tips to spot the counterfeit product.

  • Packaging – Check for poor imagery quality, spelling error, and anything which looks off. A legitimate CBD product manufacturer will ensure that the labeling is error-free and consistent. It will include all the details associated with the ingredients in the CBD product.
  • Oil color – Generally, the oil should have a thick density with clear gold color. If the cartridge has brown or orange liquid then the source is fake or the product quality is poor.
  • Unbelievable cheap rate – If the price seems to be unbelievably cheap then something is wrong. There are package and sales deals that allow saving money, but vape oil cartridges sold below normal to average price is possibly a bootleg.

How to choose CBD vape oil?

Liquid base – Vape oil is made from vegetable glycerin or/and propylene glycol. The concentration of VG and PG differ in every product. PG is harsh on the throat while VG is easy. PG retains more flavors, while VG does not. If you want to enjoy the feel of smoking, then choose vape oil with more PG concentration.

Farming and extraction method also matters. A high standard of cultivation is essential for extracting CBD oil because it is used majorly for medicinal purposes. The CO2 extraction method is expensive as the CBD oil extracted is of premium quality. Manufacturers that invest in CO2 extraction methods are trustworthy as they aim to offer customers the best quality products.

Enjoy vaping benefits by choosing the right CBD vape oil!