Insight about Dragon Tea and Its Popularity

Oolong tea is known by many names in varied countries. It has multiple names because of its varied tea blends that all possess distinct flavors. Dragon tea is one kind of oolong tea and the name originated because of its long black twisted leaves. It is sold under the brand name of Dragon Well tea or Wu Long tea. The oolong tea is mainly used for its health benefits and distinct taste.

Most famously Dragon tea is known as Longjing tea. It is one of the most famous Chinese tea. The leaves of the tea are bright green in color and are in long shape. The tea leaves attract you to use them to enjoy their distinct mellow flavor. Even the aroma of the tea leaves lures you to buy it from reliable online sources, Yoshan Tea. One more world-popular type of Dragon tea is Dragon eye oolong tea.

History of the dragon tea:

The emperor Qianlong personally plucked the tea leaves when he visited the West Lake. He liked its tastes and give royal status to eighteen tea bushes of its kind in the Longjing village. Now, the tea leaves are grown even in Zhejiang region. There are different kinds of this tea differing in taste and quality. The three main varieties that are world popular are Shi Feng, Xihu and Mejiawu.

Among these three types of dragon tea, Xihu is rated as top-notch quality tea, thus quite expensive. The factors making it world’s best tea is the complicated manufacturing process and long-time consumption to complete the whole process of making the tea. Even the harvesting needs to be on time to maintain the quality of tea leaves. The other popular tea kinds of dragon tea are Mingqain tea and Yuqian tea. These all tea kinds are manually processed thus costlier.

Features of Dragon well tea-

  • People who don’t prefer green tea will surely change their mind once they drink this pale-yellow bright tea. It possesses chestnut aroma having slight sweetness.
  • All kinds of tea plants are grown in different regions and harvested at varied times of the year. Long Jing grown in Zhejiang region is harvest in the month of April to maintain its authentic taste.
  • Chinese people rank the tea leaves types according to the time of harvesting. The most expensive ones are plucked at the right time of the year.
  • The brewing of the tea types differs as per the dragon well tea kinds, thus it needs great experience to make them for enjoying their delicious taste.
  • Dragon tea has lots of health enhancing quality that makes them superior to any other green tea.

Many dragon tea users prefer to brew the teas in clear glass cooking ware to watch the visual delight of the bright green tea leaves moving in the boiled water. Unlike other green tea variety, the taste isn’t bitter, thus everyone likes to enjoy the tea having loads of healthy qualities. People who want to lose their body weight, keep their cardiovascular system perfect, diabetes at bay and reap other health benefits prefer to drink dragon tea.