Comprehensive Guide To Keratin Hair Treatment

Do you need to make your hair strong and reduce the split ends? Are you struggling with unmanageable hair? Well, the keratin treatment is the perfect choice. Keratin is one of the protective proteins, which makes up nails, hair, and skin. Many people believe that keratin treatments and products help to strengthen their hair. The keratin hair treatment is getting more popular nowadays. It is the perfect solution for unmanageable hair. It not only makes the hair smoother but also makes it look shiny and healthier. Continue reading the article to know more about keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment – what is it?

Keratin is the fibrous structural protein that is important for the outer layer of skin. The keratin treatment is the chemical process in the parlor professional coats the hair with proteins. It makes the hair look shiny, smooth, and healthier. There are different kinds of keratin treatments nowadays. You need to choose the best one which suits your needs and hairstyle. It involves plunging into hair follicles and inserting keratin to the porous areas that make your hair stronger. The chemical works by locking keratin chains into straight lines and leave the hair straight. If the keratin is applied to your hair, you should avoid the scalp, and your hair is flat ironed.

Result of keratin treatment

The keratin hair treatment result can last up to six months. Salon professionals may customize the formula blend to fit the customer’s needs and hair type. The hair treatment can take two to four hours based on the hair’s texture, length, and thickness. The effects can vary based on whether the hair is stronger and healthy. Keratin claims to make curly hair appear straight, less frizzy, and hassle-free to style.

Different methods of keratin treatment

  • Salon keratin treatments: The cream contains formaldehyde applied to the hair before it is straightened in the salon. If the treatment is applied, you should keep the hair dry for many days. Then they wash the chemical in your hair, and another treatment is started to straighten your hair. This process claims to last for two to three months.
  • Keratin shampoos and conditioners: This method cannot make the same claim as the treatment in the parlor. But it claims to repair the damaged hair that has dried out by the hair die. The treatment cost vary based on the method you have chosen.

Benefits of keratin treatment

If your hair is thick or curly, the keratin hair treatment makes the hair manageable. People estimate that this treatment cut their drying time. The hairmight become stronger and healthier. So you can air dry it frequently, which saves it from heat damage. Keratin can strengthen hair that doesn’t break off easily, making hair seem to grow quickly. People who have unmanageable hair can say goodbye to the roughness. Keratin coats the hair that offers protection from environmental damage. You can choose the best salon to get this hair treatment and enjoy the soft hair for up to six months based on your chosen treatment.