Insight On The Seven Seals Of Revelation

The Seven Seals of the God described in the Bible book of revelation are the seven seals that have safeguarded the book that John of Patmos visualized in an apocalyptic vision. The seals are also known to be the series of a judgment given by God at the end times. When a seal is broken the judgment is passed on the earth.

There are multiple books providing insight on the Seven Seals of God. Among them, the most popular one is The Interpretation of The Second Seal written by Clive Richards.

The seven seals-

·         The first seal- As according to biblical explanation when the first seal is opened by the Lamb, a person who is against Christ will ride a white horse symbolizing peace. However, the bow and arrow in his hands show that he has come to conquer, leading to a cease of peace on the planet.

·         The second seal shows a rider having a huge sword in hand riding a red horse that predicts the devastation of the whole planet.

·         The third seal reveals a rider riding a black horse that leads to famine on the land. People will remain starved and work the whole day to have few morsels of food.

·         The fourth seal predicts death. It is a rider riding a pale horse indicating death. Natural disasters and wars result in the death of millions of folk. The earth’s population slowly vanishes leaving only death on land.

·         The fifth seal explains about the followers of the almighty who all are nestling under the altar of heaven. God hears their plea to save them and provide justice as they haven’t sinned at all. The martyrs are given a white robe by God and are asked to wait for justice till many of their fellow beings are killed as they have sinned.

·         Now, when the sixth seal is opened by the Lamb, a massive earthquake occurs killing hundreds of living organisms including men. Even the astronomical bodies like the sun turn black, the moon turns fully red and heaven becomes a plane sheet. Even the mountains and the islands weren’t in their original location. The devastation was so great that even the people at high positions were living in caves and awaited their death to find peace forever. The people wearing the white robe called out to all holding palm leaves about the wreath of God and at the right time their tears will be wiped, till then they need to wait.

·         Lastly, the Lamb opened the seventh seal and there was silence for about half an hour in heaven. The seventh seal portrays the judgments passed by the almighty in the form of seven trumpets each held by seven angels and the eighth angel, holds a similar censer that is filled with the fire of the altar and thrown on the Earth. The act leads to a series of thunder, lightning and earthquakes.

It is all summarized in the books published by popular publishers like Allenco Publishing Inc. You can read more in detail about the seven seals that play an important role in the judgment of the Almighty.