The Ultimate Guide To Using A Dab Torch For Concentrates

Dabbing has become a popular way of consuming cannabis concentrates, with many people using a dab torch to heat their concentrate before inhaling it. Dabbing allows for faster onset of effects and can provide a more intense high than other consumption methods. This guide will explore everything you need to know about using a dab torch for concentrates, from selecting the right torch to heating your concentrate and inhaling the vapor.

Selecting The Right Dab Torch

The first step in using a dab torch is selecting the right one for your needs. Here are numerous factors to consider when choosing a dab torch, including size, fuel source, and heat output.

  • Size: Dab torches come in various sizes, from small handheld to larger tabletop models. The size of your dab torch will depend on your preference and how you plan to use it. If you are looking for a portable option to take with you on the go, a smaller handheld torch may be the best choice. A larger tabletop model may be more appropriate if you plan to use your dab torch at home.
  • Fuel source: Dab torches are typically powered by butane or propane. Butane is a popular option as it burns cleaner and produces less odor than propane. However, propane torches are more powerful, making them a best choice for those who want to heat their concentration quickly.
  • Heat output: The heat output of a dab torch is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher the BTU rating, the more powerful the torch and the faster it will heat your concentrate. However, a torch with a high BTU rating may consume more fuel and produce more heat than you need, leading to wasted concentration.

Heating Your Concentrate

Once you have selected the right dab torch for your needs, the next step is to heat your concentrate. Things can get tricky here, as heating your concentrate too much or too little can result in a less-than-optimal dabbing experience.

Step 1: Prepare Your Rig

Before heating your concentrate, you will need to prepare your rig. This typically involves attaching a dab nail or banger to your rig and ensuring it is securely in place.

Step 2: Load Your Concentrate

Next, you will need to load your concentrate onto your dab tool. This can be done using a dabber or other similar tool. Be sure to use only a small amount of concentrate at a time to avoid wasting it.

Step 3: Heat Your Dab Nail Or Banger

With your concentrate loaded onto your dab tool, it is time to heat your dab nail or banger. Hold the flame from your dab torch directly underneath the nail or banger, applying heat evenly across the surface to do this.

Step 4: Wait For The Cool-Down

Once your dab nail or banger is heated, waiting to cool down slightly before adding your concentrate is important. This will prevent your concentrate from vaporizing too quickly and ensure a smooth and even dabbing experience.

Inhaling The Vapor

Now that your concentrate is loaded onto your dab tool and your dab nail or banger is heated, it is time to inhale the vapor. This is done by placing your lips around your rigor rig’s mouthpiece and inhaling deeply as you apply your dab tool to the heated surface.

Tips For A Better Dabbing Experience

To ensure the best possible dabbing experience, here are few tips and tricks that you can follow.

  • Use High-Quality Concentrates: High-quality concentrates are essential for getting the most out of your dabbing experience. Look for concentrates that are free of contaminants and have been properly processed and stored.
  • Keep Your Dab Torch Clean: Regularly cleaning your dab torch is important for maintaining its performance and longevity. Use a small brush to clean the nozzle and other parts of your torch, and be sure to empty and refill it with fresh butane regularly.
  • Experiment with Temperature: Different temperatures can help you find the sweet spot for your dabbing experience. Start with a low temperature and work until you find the perfect temperature for your concentration.
  • Avoid Overheating: Overheating your concentrate can result in a harsh and unpleasant dabbing experience. Be sure to heat your dab nail or banger evenly and avoid applying too much heat for too long.


Using a dab torch for concentrates can be a rewarding and efficient way of consuming cannabis concentrates. You can enjoy a more intense and fast-acting high by selecting the right dab torch, heating your concentrate properly, and inhaling the vapor correctly. With patience and practice, you can master the art of dabbing and take your cannabis consumption to the next level.