Buy Face Masks in Bulk after Considering Your Needs

To avoid infection or spreading coronavirus, face masks must be worn outdoors in public places where social distancing is impossible. Many states and countries have made wearing face masks mandatory. You can shop online for a face mask. Make sure to choose a reliable supplier because of the heavy demand the supply is short.

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Types of masks 

If your immune systems are compromised or are in contact with a family member serving in the hospital, then choosing a proper mask is crucial to keep yourself safe. You can check the variety of masks and choose one depending on factors like age, already sick, or are a medical worker.

Cloth masks

Wearing a cloth mask will help in preventing large saliva droplets released from spreading in the environment. However, bacteria and viruses cannot get filtered, but the risk of transmission from people who don’t experience symptoms while coughing, talking, or sneezing reduces.

A cloth mask is for those who don’t experience symptoms. They can protect others and even themselves from getting infected. It is reusable. It is not a replacement for medical masks.

Surgical or disposable masks

Just like large splashes and droplets released in the environment cannot reach the wearer. Even the wearer will contain the droplets and protect the environment from getting contaminated. Surgical masks can filter approximately 95% of viruses or bacteria.

Health care workers, already sick people, and those caring the sick are recommended to wear medical masks. If you reside in areas where the virus is widespread then you are at risk. Even senior citizens more than 60 years need to use disposable masks.

N95 and P2 masks

Small and large droplets get blocked from reaching your nose and mouth. The masks fit perfectly, so are perfect for healthcare professionals. N95 can filter particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. However, never use these masks for an extended period.

P2 or N95 masks must be used by medical staff in close contact with coronavirus positive patients. The mask is not reusable.

KN95 masks

These are the Chinese standard for N95 masks. It is capable to block large and small droplets and filters 95% bacteria. As the performance of KN95 is similar to P2masks, it is recommended to be used by healthcare professionals taking care of infected patients. KN95 masks are disposable.

DS2 & DL2 masks

DS2 & DL2 are Japanese standard masks designed to protect against dust. The protection level is similar to P2 masks. It can filter more than 94% of airborne particles. It can be worn by those who take care of patients tested positive. These are not reusable.

Face masks slow the virus spread, but it is not a replacement for ignoring frequent hand sanitizing and social distancing.