What to Expect from The Bong Sector In 2020?

Last year was a great year for the cannabis industry. It has open doors for even more opportunities as brands are getting more established. In 2020, more design upgrades, trendy glass, legalization progress, upgrades collaboration, and customer feedback can be expected.

Design upgrades

On expresssmokeshop.com, you will find a custom touch on every bong style design. Frog themed water pipe, Zak the zebra bong, Christmas tree bong, Funky pineapple bong, Panda Family mini bong, rocket ship bong, etc. are a few customer favorites as it offers smoothest hits in a unique style. If you are lucky, you get a bong for sale having the right size, shape, and price on expresssmokeshop.com.


Generally, every state in the US has legalized marijuana use, but it is time that the Federal Government considers this. States are legally allowed to establish their independent laws. Besides, a 5% sales tax will be used in job training those who were smashed hard through incarceration.

Trendy glass

Glass bongs augment dry herb palate. Therefore, stoners invest in high-quality glass bongs. Water pipes use dates back in the 13th century. However, smoking pipes were designed from earthenware, bamboo, horns, wood, and antlers. Glass bongs are a recent phenomenon. In 1970s hand blown glass bong came in the market. It has become a coveted item among cannabis fans. There are gorgeous bong pieces available that offer a different high experience.

Some of the craziest bong

Killer coil bong

The structure of the bong is sleek wit 3 cooling towers and mean-looking percolators. The monster guarantees a smooth hit that gets you high as you hazily watch the smoke twist around the apparatus and float upwards.

Face bong

Wear this masterpiece and enjoy the experience using the mouthpiece that bends into the mouth prepared to offer you a hit of your life.

Minimalistic chic bong

The bong has a diffuser at the top, which offers a smooth hit without concern about splash. For more filtration and cooling place some ice at the bottom.

Alien bong

There is a little alien that sits tightly within the bong. It offers you companionship when you are on the tip.

Psychedelic lantern bong

Stoners with a quirky thing can enjoy this psychedelic lantern bong. It is ideal for hazy trips.

Stacked perc bongs

It is a seriously powerful bong without any frills. It spells power for hardcore weed junkies.

Multiple mouthpiece bong

A party bong, which everyone can enjoy without any concern about passing it around. It is set down and several stoners can enjoy a hit, simultaneously.

Lungs & heart bong

Watching the smoke travel across the contraption seems ironically pleasing. You can see smoke filter through the heart and spread into the lung, what a scene?

Who wants to buy such crazy bongs?

Glass bongs are large and pricey, but serious marijuana users prefer it to other smoking devices. Some users feel that the choice of a bong reflects their personality, so they select or have a unique design customized. A few committed glass bong owners even give their pieces a pet name. Collectors pay significantly for unique pieces.